3D Model It

Get stuff designed by you into FACT!

Its really easy – you don’t need to know anything about 3D modelling to give it a go.

  • Click “design a new thing”
  • The tutorial is pretty helpful.
  • Drag and drop objects around each other – in the colour box you can even create holes. Though the objects are different colours, your design will be printed in only one colour.
  • To get an idea of how your thing will look when it’s done, drag a box around everything and click “group” in the top right hand corner of the work box, this will visualise any holes you’ve created, and smooth out all of the joins.
  • Create within a 100mm by 100mm square, that is 130mm high- you can check the size of your thing by dragging a box around it all –  it will display a size for the width and height – hover over the uppermost black square to display the height. Avoid any unsupported overhangs, otherwise you’ll end up with a saggy thing. See image below.




  • When you’re done, click “Print 3D design”, and then click the “Download the STL” link.
  • Using the form below submit the downloaded STL file -named with your name- and we’ll print it for you here at FACT. If you are smart enough to be able to generate an STL file to the required dimensions in any other programme then go right ahead.
  • Objects will be installed around the entrance beginning in April. You will be able to collect your object to take home in May.
  • If you need dash of inspiration, or want us to print a design you found, Thingiverse is the biggest free 3D print design site on the web.


Imagine your object installed here