Changing Space with Light

February 24, 2012 in Experiments with Space by

Leaps and bounds in projection technology has changed the way new media art is seen in galleries, but also apparently how space is perceived, after seeing this video sent to me by a friend (for more videos of the installation on Triangulation Blog)

Not only is it amazing, but it also begs the question, how much can we change space using light alone? Quite a lot, according to the people at Sony.

The use of cars appear to be a very popular use projection mapping, especially Audis. Below, see a reveal of an Audi A8, this video also shows how this type of mapping works… sort of.

An Audi is used again here, to advertise Marlboro cigarettes in Russia.

This very festive installation by RadugaDesigns spells the beginning of the end for wallpaper and wall coverings altogether.

Taken even further by Red Paper Hearts at what looks like an insane Party. (they’ve got a fabulous website too:

I’d love to see this more often, perhaps in less ostentatious surroundings. Maybe subtle changes in wall colour to change mood. Or how about pictures displayed with a projector far above the viewer to prevent shadows? With falling costs of projectors and increasing ease of mapping programs like MadMapper, surely this isn’t too far away? Very exciting times indeed.
Has anyone else got some more exciting examples of projection mapping?

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