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  • 3 things about The Stuff of Experience:Workshopped

    3 things about The Stuff of Experience:Workshopped

    11 Jun 2012
    After a quick chat with Jon Moorhouse (who will be running the workshop on Wednesday), He gave me 3 things he would like people to know about the event, which centres around uses for old shops, an increasing problem in a recession/post-recesison economy. 1. We gave out shop prototypes at The Stuff of Experience seminar. [...]
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  • Intellectual Property Reading List

    Intellectual Property Reading List

    31 May 2012
    I’ve compiled a list of some interesting pieces on copyright, intellectual property and creativity ahead of next week’s Who Owns it? seminar. First up is the official information pack by the World Intellectual Property Organisation, IP 101 if you will. This is the introduction to the full handbook. Next is a short article by Adam [...]
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  • Playlist Playlist Playlist

    Playlist Playlist Playlist

    21 May 2012
    Web 2.0 has re-invigorated the idea of a curated list, particularly with applications like Spotify, and embeddable-players like Soundcloud, Mixpod and of course You Tube. Over the course of this project we’ve come across a number of sites which curate playlists of playlists. Websites making playlists of playlists is a logical progression of the content [...]
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  • Augmented Reality Roundup

    Augmented Reality Roundup

    15 May 2012
    Ahead of next week’s Layar Workshop with Tamiko Thiel, I’m doing a list of some of the best videos and projects surrounding Augmented Reality (AR). 1. Look how far we’ve come! This is the required kit for an AR game of Pacman, developed in 2004 in Singapore, It was cutting edge at the time, and [...]
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  • Five Things I Learned at Glasgow International

    Five Things I Learned at Glasgow International

    9 May 2012
    1. Re-purpose public monuments. Add helium when possible. Create a public artwork. Every Biennial requires at least one of these. 2. Hire a number of worthy looking volunteers. Make sure they wear white t-shirts so as to not distract from the artwork. Add earpiece radios for extra-authentic effect. Headphones can be used in their place [...]
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This is an experiment with curating stuff. It exists for you to play with. List some stuff that you like on The Wall. Check out the Events where there will be talk and workshops related to new kinds of curating.


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wearable1wearable1: @khanacademy is on uk newsnight tonight as followed by @welshstreets for @opencurateit a year ago @mikestubbs the future is coming.....
18 months ago
welshstreetswelshstreets: @hangbitch @itsliverpool @bev13thdisciple @scanx0 @opencurateit @MariaBrewster demolition dust in you eye ?
20 months ago
opencurateitopencurateit: RT @JayneLawless: Sooooo good at @HomebakedA today, happy people making happy fresh bread.
21 months ago
opencurateitopencurateit: Why are locals forced to swap existing homes for new build after 9 years of seeking alternatives. still a majority !
22 months ago
opencurateitopencurateit: RT @leedscitizen: @TheSocBiz LCC's latest long-term empty homes figures are double those from @emptyhomes all a bit baffling
24 months ago


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